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316 then 311

So 316 was the amount for last week, and now I enter September with 311. It’s really exciting but I’m wishing it wasn’t such a chore. Maybe with even more exercise and whatnot I’ll get a really high metabolism. I just hate worrying about food. I’ve never cared about what I eat before, and now I have to wonder if it’s been two hours and should I get a meal.

I can’t wait to fit in plane seats and losing some of the gut. Maybe even get into running someday.


I learned a lot this week.
Food cheating is terrible. Never should it be planned, it should be used as a last resort. A large part of this IS the food and the frequency you eat. I had a party to go to and a Paul’s Pizza crave to get over. Could’ve done better. I know two pounds isn’t bad for the first couple weeks but I have high goals. One of them being I’d like to run recreationally. The biggest joke being that living in Florida means I’m going to be hating it 50% of the time during a season that rhymes with bummer.
At the gym I have discovered the rowing machine. I did 1000m in 00:04:10. That’ll probably be an achievement I’ll track on here.

1000m row: 4m:18s
Longest elliptical: 15m

320 bfp ~33%

And this is the start. I get weighed in on Mondays, and I’m trying to lose all the weigh to 250 (heh heh get it, weigh?) and the reasons are not as much vanity for me as it is my energy levels.

Energy is something that doesn’t come easy for me, and hopefully this new food/workout routine works. I cut any bread and sugar in my diet as well as bananas ;( and pasta. Other great substitutions are Peanut Wonder and Ezekiel 4:9 bread. Also hope to get a higher tuna intake. With more and smaller meals and avoiding stupid foods, I can only hope it works in the coming months.

Here’s to health.

Anonymous asked
Where did you grow up? Do you have a brother?

Indiana, and yes I do.